This section contains the answers to the most frequently asked questions on Claus products and accessories.

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The hole must be 1 cm larger than the window on all sides. Example: window 78x98 cm – hole 80x100 cm.

Yes, in the WB and WBL models the shutter can be completely rotated (120°) to allow cleaning the window-pane.

The WB and WBL models allow one person of medium build to access the roof. Of course, the bigger the window, the easier the access. However, it is also possible to access the roof by uncoupling the shutter (mobile part) from the frame (fixed part) – see pages 18 and 19 of the Technical Manual.

Claus windows are realised with carefully selected materials, which guarantee long-term resistance. However, we recommend to subject the wooden parts to maintenance once a year or whenever needed, especially in very wet environments. Clean the parts to be maintained with a neutral liquid detergent suitable for cleaning external doors and windows, dry and apply a layer of water-based protective and regenerating solution. For the maintenance of its windows, Claus supplies Eco Restyler. If other products are used, it is necessary to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Grease or lubricate the hinges to keep their moving parts efficient. It is also recommended to check the external flashing once a year to avoid any blockage due to the build-up of leaves or other materials, which may block the regular water run-off.

Yes, it is. For further information, contact Claus by sending an e-mail to the following e-mail address: commerciale@claus.it

For the WB and FEE models, the minimum and maximum pitch required is, respectively, 15° and 70°. For the W and WBL models, the minimum and maximum pitch required is, respectively, 20° and 70°. Skylights cannot be positioned vertically or horizontally.

Claus supplies windows equipped with built-in flashings. Flashings are universal and thus suitable for any type of corrugated tile. For flat tiles, it is necessary to request the appropriate flashing.

Yes, it is. Horizontally, it is necessary to install an at least 10 cm long supporting joist between windows of the same height. Vertically, it is necessary to install an at least 25 cm long supporting joist between windows of the same width.

By adjusting the supporting springs (see pages 18 and 19 of the Technical Manual).

For the replacement of a window-pane, follow the instructions on page 23 of the Technical Manual.

For the installation of a blind, follow the instructions for the different models under chapter “Accessories” of the Technical Manual (from page 46 to page 56)..

The loft space taken varies depending on the window size. See the table on page 5 of the Technical Manual..

Yes, it is, but the window width must be one of those indicated under the Claus standard sizes. The maximum height varies depending on the width.

Yes, it is, for example using thermal insulating glasses, which are ideal in every season. For further information, see the Claus web site section on glasses.

Of course. As to electric accessories (e.g. electric blind), it is important to carefully plan the passage of electric cables (see the wiring diagrams under chapter “Power Accessories” of the Technical Manual). As to manual accessories, you just need to communicate to your dealer the code indicated on the window identification plate.

Absolutely not. Thanks to the innovative Claus opening system in which the shutter is first opened outwards and then rotated, the loft space taken is reduced to a minimum.

No, it doesn’t. The window can make any movement even after the installation of a blind.

Today you can choose the exclusive environmental-friendly Pilkington Activ self-cleaning glass, which has a special coating that reacts to UV rays breaking down organic dirt, which is then washed away by rain. In this way the window remains clean, saving time and energy and protecting the environment. See “Limpia” under the Products section of the Claus web site.

Thanks to the built-in universal flashing, you just need about 20 minutes to install a Claus window. The instructions contained in the window packing describe the installation step by step.

Yes, if you choose Plus, the new Claus window equipped with electric opening system, electric sunshield and darkening blinds, electric rolling blind and rain detector, which can all be controlled using a single.